Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 21

Today, we had 2 talks from Sir Apol and Sir EJ. The talk with Sir EJ was about copywriting. His talk was my favorite out of everyone’s since it was the most lecture-like (and the structured person that I am approves of it). He shared with us different techniques for copywriting and most of them, I'm proud to say, were already covered by my Professor, Sir Lester during my copywriting class (with the exception of annesis which everyone kept saying they were glad they learned about). The talk with Sir Apol happened while I was at Visual Hub (will talk about that later) so I missed the first part of the lecture along with Karen who was with me at Visual Hub. Sir Apol was an Art Director so he simply showed us his works and how went about making them. He also showed works from other artists he admired and what made them great art directors. He talked about inspiration and style in a very casual way which was actually very delightful.

Back to Visual Hub. So, over the weekend the editing house (Visual Hub) had already started working on our Smart Extraordinary projects (remember our Enchanted Kingdom shoot?) and we were tasked to check out what they’ve done. However, since there are 3 groups, we had to take turns with the editor and the sound recording so we were waiting most of the time. It was a fun break from the office though and we got free food, too! ;) 

On the way to Visual Hub. Its just walking distance from the DM9 office. ;)

Oh and yeah, I was requested by the lady there to be shot by the director for a “special effects” technique they’re trying. It was a weird request but hey, I’m here for experience so I went for it. All I had to do was look at a jacket (and act like it were something magical) and wear it. Once I had it on I would act like I felt something different. Basically, the point of the video is that when I wear the jacket I magically become pretty. I wonder how that ended up looking like? Hmmmm.

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