Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 19

I got to work the usual 8am but didn’t do anything but wait for my teammates to arrive so we can head off to Enchanted Kingdom. Kevin M. didn't report to the office anymore instead he would meet us at Festival Mall from where his dad would drive us to Enchanted Kingdom. 

When we got to Festival Mall, we had lunch at Shakey’s with the allowance given to us. We hardly touched the pizza so we decided to give it to Kevin since he didn’t get a share of the food. After lunch, we headed off to Enchanted Kingdom.

At Shakey's Festival mall with Ram & Karen
We shot some of the running around scenes first since we are running around anyway. After, we shot the most important scene, the Space Shuttle scene so we would have a lot of time to reshoot it in case we don’t get it right. Kevin and Ram ended up riding the thing about 3 times just to get the shots. It was pretty difficult to shoot the scenes around the space shuttle since we had to rely on timing to get the shots right. We had some shots from the roller coaster and some shots of the roller coaster from below. We had to make sure that when we edit it, it would be coherent. Anyways, it took us hours to move on to the next scene which was getting to my head, honestly since it was high noon. Just imagine the heat of the sun and you’ll be boiling as well.

Shooting our first scene
Our two stars - Kevin and his little brother, Kenan
With our talent, Kenan (left) and his sister Kirsten (right)

The rest of the day was fun since we just needed to shoot Kevin and his brother (our talent) having fun in the different rides and just being brothers. We just followed them around with a camera and that was it. We took the chance to ride the attractions as well. 

Kevin and his family went ahead since they had to be somewhere by 5pm but Karen, Ram and I decided to stay behind and make the most of our paid-for tickets. We rode the Ferris Wheel, space shuttle and a few other attractions before Jose came to pick us up. We stopped over at KFC along SLEX for dinner (which is where we finished all the remaining cash in our allowance!)

It was a tiring but fun day and I can’t wait to start editing it. :)

*some photos are from Karen's camera. 

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